The Architecture Lobby is an organization of architectural workers advocating for the value of architecture in the general public and for architectural work within the discipline. These are our demands...


  • Enforce labour laws that prohibit unpaid internships, unpaid overtime; refuse unpaid competitions.
  • Reject fees based on percentage of construction or hourly fees and instead calculate value based on the money we save our clients or gain them.
  • Stop peddling a product–buildings–and focus on the unique value architects help realize through spatial services.
  • Enforce wage transparency across the discipline.
  • Establish a union for architects, designers, academics, and interns in architecture and design.
  • Demystify the architect as solo creative genius; no honors for architects who don’t acknowledge their staff.
  • Licensure upon completion of degree.
  • Change professional architecture organizations to advocate for the living conditions of architects.
  • Support research about labor rights in architecture.
  • Implement democratic alternatives to the free market system of development.

Recent Projects


The Architecture Lobby launched an edited book anthology at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Asymmetric Labors: The Economy of Architecture in Theory and Practice features contributions from over fifty architectural historians, theorists, students, writers, and practitioners from across the globe, providing a slice through the uneven terrain of values and unequal labor practices of historical and theoretical architectural work. Download the book here for free.


The Slought Foundation in Philadelphia premiered (Re)Working Architecture, a video documenting a performance event organized by the Architecture Lobby during the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial with scenes, real and absurd, of architectural practice. The unveiling of the film was followed by a panel discussion with Daniel Barber, Barrie Cline, Damon Rich, and Lobby members Peggy Deamer, Keefer Dunn, and Quilian Riano, addressing both architecture's lack of labor consciousness and its ability to learn from art activism. Watch the full video of the performance here.

Upcoming Events

  • 13 AUGUST, 1PM
    Gene Siskel Film Center
    164 N State Street
    Chicago, IL


General Inquiries

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