Green New Deal

We support a federal Green New Deal (GND) as proposed in H.Res. 332 / S.Res. 166 and are committed to the resolution’s call for a just transition. In 2019 members of  TAL formed a Green New Deal Working Group to focus on organizing for ecological justice as it relates to architectural labor, the built environment, and sustainable futures for all (read our founding Statement on the Green New Deal). The proposed GND legislation recognizes a just transition will require structural changes to the built environment. TAL believes that a deeper transformation rooted in equitable principles is necessary, and that GND legislation must consider infrastructure beyond individual buildings and contend with systemic problems of the building industry itself. We are also demanding a just transition for the entire building sector because, like energy workers, our livelihoods are entangled with the fossil fuel industry. 

We are motivated by the urgency of climate action and committed to long-term collaboration with allied people and groups across policy, practice, and advocacy.


Adare Brown, JR

What we’ve done so far

The recent efforts of the TAL GND Working Group have engaged policymakers directly. We authored an extensive GND policy response document focused on housing with the goal of offering our training, experience, and insight to articulate potential choke points in legislation that arise from misplaced assumptions about what causes environmental degradation and social inequality in the built environment. To date we have met with various legislative offices, endorsed legislation, and continue to organize for a Just Transition of the building sector.

Current Motions

Climate March 2023

Meet for breakfast ahead of the March on September 17, 2023

A Public Forum

At the People’s Forum on September 21, 2023

JT Pamphlets

We are writing a series of Just Transition pamphlets to engage in education and base building among AEC workers. In conjunction with that, we are organizing events and workshops with allied organizations.


JT 01 A Just Transition for the Building Sector

JT 02 Organizing for a Just Transition


JT 03 Organizing with the Building Trades


Past Campaigns, Projects, and Events

Building Coalitions for a Just Transition / Introducing the Alternative Building Industry (ABI) Collective, Event at Cooper Union (2023)

JT 02 Organizing for a Just Transition / Building a Union is Climate Action (2023)

A Just Transition for Architecture, Lecture at University of Utah (2022)

JT 01 A Just Transition for the Building Sector / We are Fossil Fuel Workers (2022)

A Just Transition for Architecture, Lecture at Cooper Union (2022)

Just Transition Open Meeting at City Group (2022)

Climate Resilience Workforce Act Endorsement (2022)

A Just Transition for the Building Sector Policy Response Document (2021)

History of Just Transition Workshop (2021)

Power Mapping Workshop (2021) 

T-A-L Guide to Power Mapping (2020)

T-A-L Earth Week 2020 (2020)

T-A-L GND Chapter Kit (2019) for initiating conversations at the chapter level

Green New Deal: A Public Assembly (2019) with the Buell Center and Queens Museum

Designing the Green New Deal (2019) with UPenn

T-A-L Statement on the Green New Deal (2019)

In Publication

A Just Transition for the Building Sector: The Architecture Lobby’s Retroactive Roadmap, Valerie Lechene (2020)

Architects Take Climate Action!, Hannah Wood (2020)

Buildings on Air, Episode 29 (2019)

Architects and Designers Must Unite Behind the Green New Deal, Marianela D’Aprile (2019)

Press Mentions

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October 5, 2020 | ARCHINECT | Architects take Climate Action! Archinect talks climate emergency activism with built environment groups taking a stand | Hannah Wood

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