The Architecture Lobby & The Green New Deal

Wentworth Institute of Technology, School of Architecture & Design

CEIS Lobby

Boston, MA

March 20, 2024


Like the energy sector, the building sector operates at the heart of the fossil fuel economy. We – architects, engineers, and designers – are fossil fuel workers, and the basic functioning of our industry is ecologically untenable. Architectural projects entail the mobilization and consumption of enormous quantities of material, land, and energy. The entire economy of the building sector needs to be reoriented to achieve a racially, socially, and ecologically just future.

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Joshua Barnett, NY
Ryan Ludwig, RI @ryanrludwig
Geneva Strauss-Wise, OR @jestjoking
Adare Brown, NY @adarebrown
Katie Lau, NY @katienlau


  • Who owns social housing?

    Who owns social housing?

    Often, we think of mass social housing as something needing large entities—government agencies, philanthropies, or unions—to take on the profit-driven real estate sector. The history of New York City’s housing activism suggests otherwise, that tenants themselves are capable of leading the struggle for affordable and livable cities.

  • A Just Transition for Architecture

    A Just Transition for Architecture

    Architecture & Environmental Justice in a Post-Pandemic World

  • Organizing for Green Social Housing

    Organizing for Green Social Housing

    Guests: New York Communities for Change – Wally Mazon, Architectural Workers United – Andrew Daley