Building Solidarity

Adare Brown, Celina Barron, Rafael Cabrera, and Katie Lau


June 6, 2024


“The building sector is deeply implicated in the fossil fuel economy: untangling this relationship will carry social consequences for the cities and landscapes where we live and work. Just Transition is a bottom-up worker-led movement to empower vulnerable communities and address climate change, hand-in-hand. A Just Transition foregrounds climate solutions with clear community benefits — things like social resilienceall-electric affordable housing, and community solar — as opposed to business-as-usual climate solutions like sucking carbon out of the air or constructing massive concrete seawalls to protect wealthy neighborhoods. As our work on building sites is structured to keep us apart, our organizing efforts are meant to bring us together, and to bring about a Just Transition. It is by building power as workers that we can best contribute to a sustainable future for all.”