T-A-L Solidarity Statement with Stop Cop City

The Architecture Lobby stands in solidarity with Stop Cop City and the defenders of the Weelaunee Forest in Atlanta, Georgia.

The proposed project will bulldoze a public forest and further militarize the Atlanta Police Department. The Atlanta Police Department is already a violent force–they murdered Rayshard Brooks in 2020, sparking widespread protest–and are now working to violently suppress the campaign against Cop City. This year, they murdered Welaunee forest defender Manuel “Tortuguita” Terán, who was unarmed and had their hands up when police opened fire. The violence of Cop City is not just local to Atlanta; if the project is completed, it will be a training ground for militarized police forces across the country and globally. 

The Architecture Lobby supports the Stop Reeves Young Campaign to urge Cop City collaborators to divest and distance themselves from the project.

In order to confront the complicity of architecture in racism and in our workplaces, a core tenant of TAL’s manifesto, we call for the owners of LS3P–the architectural firm who designed Cop City–to end their relationship with the Atlanta Police Foundation and for the architectural workers at LS3P to organize themselves toward the right-of-refusal on contracts. All workers should have the power to refuse to do harm.

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Cop City will never be built!