Working Groups

  • Green New Deal

    Green New Deal

    We support a federal Green New Deal and are committed to the resolution’s call for a just transition. We focus on organizing for ecological justice as it relates to architectural labor, the built environment, and sustainable futures for all.

  • Academia


    The Academia Working Group annually gathers the Architecture Beyond Capitalism (ABC) School.

  • Unionization


    The TAL Unionization Working Group (UWG) is an advocacy, support, and study group whose mission is to promote labor organizing for workers in architecture and related fields. While not ourselves a union, our members have played leading roles in the movement to organize architecture and designer workers since TAL’s inception. As our movement grows, we […]

  • Racial Justice

    Racial Justice

    Working Group Campaign Goals:

  • What’s Your Story?

    What’s Your Story?

    The Lobby’s participatory video campaign documents, makes accessible, and amplifies the voices and experiences of architectural workers through film artifacts that bolster organizing motions.

  • COOP Network

    COOP Network

    The Coop Network group of The Architecture Lobby researches, advocates, and shares knowledge of cooperative network models, worker-ownership structures, and cross-sector cooperation for architectural practice. The broader goals of these efforts are to increase worker equity, build stability during fluctuations of practice and life, build collective power for smaller firms, and—ultimately—transform the role of activist-architects in their communities.

If you are interested in starting a new working group, contact us.

We can help you set it up by:

  1. Arranging a discussion with you and anyone else from your school or city to talk about the lobby in detail.
  2. Helping you identify the ways in which you might go about organizing a first meeting, some projects you might plug into and some of the things chapters have done in the past.
  3. Sending you a chapter starter kit for student chapters.
  4. Attending your first chapter meeting and workshop some potential projects and focuses for a new chapter.