(Re)Working Architecture

A video documenting scenes, real and absurd, fictional and factual, of architectural practice.

The Architecture Lobby will make an uninvited Chicago Biennial installation that consists of a set to videotaped scenarios depicting the absurdities of architectural practice/labor/work. These scenarios will be based on the 10 points of the Manifesto that the Lobby has produced. The set for these scenarios will consist of some props – desks, chairs, screens, documents – and the actors in the scenes will be Lobby members who have prepared scripts and volunteers from the audience who are assigned roles and interact with the Lobby actors.

In addition to the set and the film crew with equipment for filming, the walls of the space will be covered with the Lobby manifesto. In addition, a large number of yellow bullhorns used in the Lobby “protests” will be available for audience and Lobby members to perform mock/practice protests between and before scenario acts. The audience will be able to move around the space and read the manifestos and/or watch the filming of the scenarios and, hopefully, volunteer to act in it.

Watch the full version of the (Re)Working Architecture film:

(Re)Working Architecture Screenings:
  1. 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennale, Chicago
  2. 2015 The Slought Foundation, Philadelphia
  3. 2016 The Architecture Lobby LA Chapter Launch Party, Los Angeles

(Re)Working Architecture

A film by:
The Architecture Lobby

A Mass Ornament production:
Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, Yoni Goldstein, Zoe Sua Cho, Sound by Mathew Jinks

Edited by:
Mass Ornament, Manuel Shvartzberg, Peggy Deamer, Keefer Dunn, Quilian Riano, 

Scene scripts by:
Francisco Alvarez Rincon, Phil Bernstein, Peggy Deamer, Amy Dewante, Keefer Dunn, Mike Finn, Tom Fisher, Sean Flynn, Sben Korsh, William Martin, Ben Martinson, Mike Molitsky, Skylar Moran, John Pasowicz, Jesse Pazmino, Pierce Reynoldson, Quilian Riano, Manuel Shvartzberg, Khoudia Sylla

Performance facilitation:
William Martin, Quilian Riano

Elaina Berkowitz, Nishant Chacko, Amy Dewante, Keefer Dunn, Mike Finn, Sukjong Hong, Matthew Lohry, William Martin, Mike Molitsky, Skylar Moran, Nabila Gloria Morales Perez, John Pasowicz, Jesse Pazmino, Quilian Riano, Anna Schaefferkoetter, Manuel Shvartzberg, Violet Whitney,

Set design and production:
Keefer Dunn, Garrett Chow, Jesse Pazmino, Ferdinand Kuznik, Skylar Moran

Wall paper and pamphlets by:
Sean Yendris

Special thanks to:
All Participants, Peggy Deamer, Ben Martinson, Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, Yoni Goldstein, Zoe Sua Cho, Danielle Dean, Julia Ellen Pedtke, Kayhan Irani, Bill Menking, Mary Ferrari, Cynette Sylla, Khoudia Sylla, Sben Korsh, Yolande Daniels, Sukjong Hong

Shot at Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL, during the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial

30 October – 1 November, 2015