What’s Your Story?


What’s your story? is a series of short film episodes (~4 minutes) offering information, practical skills, stories, and inspiration about architecture workers organizing for change.

The episodes feature interviews conducted online with members and allies of The Architecture Lobby (TAL). The interviews are tied together with voiceover, simple animations, and additional media from TAL.This series has two goals. The first is to provide practical information and strategies for organizing. The second is to spark awareness and inquiry into architecture’s position in the fight for labor and global justice. These two themes interweave across the series, because global conditions affect architectural work, and vice versa.

This amalgamation of episodes together compose a longform film (~30 minutes) intended for a general audience. Overall, the project makes the story of architecture workers organizing for change in the field and in global sustainability broadly accessible and invites new and renewed participation into the movement for a just (built) environment.

Support & Organizational History

This campaign is supported by a grant from the Graham Foundation. This financial support was originally awarded to the Lobby for a now discontinued campaign called ‘JustDesign.’

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