Racial Justice

Working Group Campaign Goals:
  • Confront racialized and/or sexist dynamics
  • Discuss nuances of labor related to race, gender, and their intersectionality.
  • Develop processes dismantling internal systems of supremacy and harm
  • Understand historical racial and gender systemic biases in labor organizing
  • Be strong allies to groups that are already doing the work
  • Be a safer, more welcoming, supportive, reflective and respectful organization
  • Engage with laborers and labor organizations in non-academic professions


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    Member Mobilization

    Our Member Mobilization form allows members to anonymously acknowledge our individual capacities and inclinations towards collective action. We review and reflect on our collective strengths and boundaries to inform and direct the statements we make, education we offer, resources we compile, and the actions we endorse. This form is encrypted and password protected. Members should […]