What is an Architect?

This installation was created by Aimee Dewante, Jacob Inserra, & Sklar Moran, with help from other members of The Architecture Lobby, Chicago Chapter.

“What is an architect?” was conceived in coordination with Chicago Artists Month, the Chicago Architecture Biennial at large, & as a lead-in to (Re)Working Architecture, The Architecture Lobby’s contribution to the 2015 Biennial. Installed in the newly opened BOOMBOX (Latent Design, 2015) on Milwaukee Avenue, its purpose was to address the general public & argue for the true value architect’s possess today. Our site was the perfect case study: this micro retail kiosk sits in public space, the result of a collaboration between architects, city officials, & others.

The simple installation included a typical architect’s workspace, furniture, & tools, graphical elements which took advantage of the sawtooth walls, & an array of desk lamps. During the month long display, the site hosted an after hours event for The Architecture Lobby & the Young Architect’s Forum.