The Architecture Lobby’s Response to the AIA Values

Peggy Deamer, Keefer Dunn, Manuel Shvartzberg

The Avery Review

February 28, 2017


“Since the embarrassing statement sent out by Robert Ivy for the AIA on November 9, 2016 in support of Trump and the president’s infrastructure policies, the AIA has issued backpedaling statements that emphasize their commitment to the values that President Trump undermines every day. Their position in the two apologies, in their “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” statement, and in their most recent “Where architects stand: A Statement of Our Values” emphasizes the support of “equity and human rights,” sustainability, community strengthening, economic security, and diversity. How are we to interpret this change of executive opinion? The answer is not that it is an about face but an exposure of a series of tensions inherent in our professional organization, tensions that stymie the AIA’s coherence and leadership…”