#MeToo Solidarity Bloc

On March 22, 2018, The Architecture Lobby released a statement standing in solidarity with victims of sexual harassment in architecture. Read the full statement here.

We took action to create a Solidarity Network to end the silence and complicity that enables structural, systemic conditions of abuse within workplaces and academia. The Network has evolved into the Solidarity Bloc: an informal, non-institutional group meant for community support and discussion, The term ‘Bloc’ relates to the space of a community, in ways that can be abstract as well as physical.

You can help by taking a stand to support people who have experienced sexual harassment in the field of architecture. 

If you are experiencing sexual harassment at your workplace and seek support, please fill out the second form. We will connect you with a member of the Solidarity Bloc who can help. 

The Solidarity Bloc is organized by The Architecture Lobby’s #MeToo/#EndPatriarchitecture Working Group. By joining the Bloc, you will be publicly identified as a supporter. The names and stories of those who seek support will remain confidential; we will not publicize details without your express permission.