Identifying the Designer as Worker

Peggy Deamer, Quilian Riano, Manuel Shvartzberg on behalf of The Architecture Lobby

Mas Context

November 2015


“As professionalized Architecture eradicates discourse of design as labor it does so in capitalism’s favor, not to the advantage of the profession. The discourse of the lone genius with single authorship, creativity and talent leads to the rationalization of our long, unpaid hours as the sacrifice we make for society. The resulting system prevents us from identifying as workers and, as a consequence, remain ignorant of our exploitation by others who aren’t so uninformed and can profit off of the value of our work.”


  1. See Edward R. Ford, The Details of Modern Architecture, vol 1 (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1990), 9 
  2. Frank Gehry has, since the first push of these organizations, indicated his stance against these practices