Virtual Teach-In: Art and Design for a Green New Deal

While science shapes our understanding of the climate, creative praxis is also central to building a just climate future. In times of change, artists have played a variety of roles, acting as visionaries, movement-builders, and social critics to name a few. Architects and designers, too, will play a key role through designing Green New Deal infrastructure projects and supporting new modes of social organization.

In this teach-in, we are thrilled to unpack the role of artists and design professionals in supporting expansive climate action in two parts.

Mariah-Rose Marie and Emily Cohen, both California residents inspired by the land they inhabit and its relationship to people, will draw from their experience as artists and activists in conversation.

Billy Fleming and Valérie Lechêne, both transdisciplinary architects deeply engaged with the Green New Deal, will discuss their visions for the role of design fields in a people’s movement, including design for social movements and the role of professional unions. Read Valérie’s piece about GND organizing in the Lobby, in Science for the People.

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Series Information:

The People’s Green New Deal issue Editorial Collective and the Climate Change Working Group of Science for the People are excited to announce a virtual teach-in series focusing on the grassroots movements that are building a People’s Green New Deal. This teach-in on Art and Design for a Green New Deal will be the fifth in an ongoing series.

As the conversation around what constitutes a Green New Deal shifts and changes with the risk of being co-opted by the same capitalists who have endangered our existence with their willful negligence, and at times intentional acceleration, of the climate crisis, we must continue to push for meaningful policy. This series of teach-ins will center grassroots organizing movements led by coalitions of environmental justice communities, academics and activists, not just in the US, but around the globe. These teach-ins are based on the People’s Green New Deal issue of Science for the People magazine, and will continue to build an internationalist, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist vision. Attend the teach-ins to join the conversations among scientists, labor organizers, artists, designers and community activists, that will inform our ongoing organizing work to meet the climate crisis.


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