Nurturing Equal Value for All

This event will screen two videos from Sanjeev Sanjar – reflecting on and analysing two collaborative projects from india, which have explored collective potential within complementary contexts.

​“Jugaad” explored recycling and repurposing within an urban village of Delhi, and has inspired critical discourse on “resource” within the built environment.

​“Syrwet U Barim Mariang Jingkieng Jri Cooperative Federation Ltd.” is exploring an alternative development model through a Cooperative-based model in an Indigenous context.

​This event will be facilitated by a member of the ABC School team.

Sanjeev Shankar

​Sanjeev Shankar was born in the Nilgiri hills of Southern India.

​As founder of a research-based studio, Sanjeev uses his training in architecture, design and science to merge traditional knowledge with contemporary patterns to nurture positive socio-economic-ecological impact. Over the last decade, he has inspired communities through rigorous field research, experimentation and an inclusive hands-on methodology. A recipient of National Geographic Society Expedition Council grant from USA, Chevening fellowship for Science and Technology from Britain, and DAAD fellowship from Germany, his critically acclaimed works have featured at Royal Institute of British Architects in London, Centre for Architecture in New York, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering in Geneva, Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, Cornell University in New York and Doors of Perception in New Delhi. He was shortlisted for Emerging Architecture award at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London in 2009, won the ‘10 Great Ideas to change the world’ competition at Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai in 2010, and has won ‘outstanding young engineer contribution’ award for the paper Living Root Bridges: State of knowledge, fundamental research and future application at the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering conference in Geneva in 2015.

​Sanjeev continues to explore a critical and collective agenda for human ingenuity, challenging the way we live and impact our planet.


  • ABC School Closing Plenary

    ABC School Closing Plenary

    This event is being held at two different times to accommodate participants across the globe.

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