Manifesto Series: Measuring Architecture

Peggy Deamer and Quilian Riano will be representing the Architecture Lobby at the Storefront for Art and Architecture for the opening event of “Measuring Architecture,” an exhibition of 32 newly commissioned drawings seeking to find measure in the immeasurable.  Check out our drawing while you are there!  Visit our project page to learn more about our drawing as well.

From Storefront for Art and Architecture:

“Presented as part of the exhibition Measure, “Measuring Architecture” aims to expose and interrogate current practices involved in the articulation and production of new edifices of thought and action through the creative use of data.

The event consists of a live staging of manifestos/positions by a group of individuals consisting of architects, artists, engineers, writers, coders and journalists followed by a short discussion with selected respondents.

Participants include Peggy Deamer (The Architecture Lobby), Ekene Ijeoma, Andrés Jaque (Office for Political Innovation), Damon Rich, Dong-Ping Wong and Archie Lee Coates (+ POOL), Dan Taeyoung, Caroline Woolard, Chris Henrick, John Krauss and Ingrid Burrington (Landscapes of Profit) among others.

Events are free and open to the public. If you are a Storefront member and would like to reserve a seat, please RSVP. If you would like to become a Storefront member, reach out to us.”

Visit the Manifesto Series: Measuring Architecture Event page on Facebook for more information.

UPDATE 8/31/15: Check out a video of the opening discussion below (we present at 3:00).  We had a great time and we hope those that were able to attend feel the same.