Circus for Construction: The Architecture Lobby

The Architecture Lobby will be organizing an event in collaboration with Circus for Construction.

After two great events in East Boston and in Buffalo, NY, the Circus is continuing its tour of mobile exhibitions and events at the end of October in Boston, MA.

Featuring two new exhibitions — on the indexical architecture of the rickhouse, and on architectural responses to rising tides on the eastern seaboard — as well as events and happenings with leading designers, critics, activists, and curators. These include Mimi Zeiger, Stephen Rustow (museoplan), and Cara McCarty (Cooper Hewitt) and Quilian Riano (DSGN AGNC), Peggy Deamer (YSOA), William Menking (Architect’s Newspaper).

Kicking off the week by participating in Illuminus Boston—Boston’s first “nuit blanche”—then continuing the parade to ArchitectureBoston Expo, and concluding at the Lawn on D, a first-of-its-kind outdoor interactive space in the city.

Please join us for this spectacular event.

Visit the Circus for Construction page for event details.

UPDATE 11/03/2014:  Thank you for joining us in Boston for our Circus for Construction event.  We hope you enjoyed the discussion.  Below are some images from the event.


  • ABC School Closing Plenary

    ABC School Closing Plenary

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