Maya Lin, SCAPE, Pratt, Alternative Building Industry Collective, and The Architecture Lobby partake in Climate Week NYC

Daniel Roche

The Architect’s Newspaper

September 19, 2023


“A group of architects holding a sign that read “ARCHITECTS AGAINST FOSSIL FUELS” took to the streets last Sunday in Manhattan in one of many happenings that kicked off Climate Week NYC: an event that brings together thousands of protesters; leaders in business, government, the climate sector; and the United Nations to convalesce about planet earth’s future. The design professionals that marched down Broadway were members of The Architecture Lobby (TAL) Green New Deal working group who were invited to demonstrate by Labor Network for Sustainability. TAL was there to do what their banner suggested: challenge architecture’s complicity with the fossil fuel industry and advocate for a just transition to a more equitable, green economy.”


  • Member Mobilization

    Our Member Mobilization form allows members to anonymously acknowledge our individual capacities and inclinations towards collective action. We review and reflect on our collective strengths and boundaries to inform and direct the statements we make, education we offer, resources we compile, and the actions we endorse. This form is encrypted and password protected. Members should […]

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  • T-A-L Solidarity Statement with Stop Cop City

    T-A-L Solidarity Statement with Stop Cop City

    The Architecture Lobby stands in solidarity with Stop Cop City and the defenders of the Weelaunee Forest in Atlanta, Georgia.